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it all begins with a hemp seed.

it all begins with a hemp seed.

Meet Joe Jernegan.

Owner of our hemp partner, 

and creator of the proprietary 

Two Beards™ hemp strain.

Joe has spent the last few years breeding a hemp strain rich in CBD & low in THC, with an emphasis on developing a terpene profile (aroma + flavor) with therapeutic benefit in mind.

Joe's company contracts organic

farmers across the country to grow his 

proprietary Two Beards™ strain. 


They pay their farmers above market

value for crops to help farmers diversify away from agriculture conglomerates.

Farmers plant their seeds in march

leaving the plants to grow themselves

under the light of the sun & moon, with minimum human input, until they're harvested at peak ripeness in October. 

Each farm hangs their hemp flowers to dry and cures them to perfection before sending them to Steamboat 

Springs, Colorado where they are sorted and stored for future extraction.

Full spectrum CBD is extracted from the hemp flowers using supercritical,

clean CO2 technology. 

This process avoids using harsh solvents & preserves the holistic power of

the plant by leaving precious,

therapeutic terpenes intact.

The CBD extract is then sent

to a third party laboratory in Denver Colorado, for testing.

Each batch is analyzed to

ensure the extract is free of

contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides, moisture & mold.

The extract is also

tested to determine its

CBD & THC concentration.

Raw hemp flowers are sent to a third party lab for purity testing. 

Samples are analyzed to ensure the flowers are free from contaminants, heavy metals, pesticides, moisture & mold. They are also tested to determine their cannabinoid concentration & terpene profile.

The hemp extract is then blended with organic olive oil to the correct CBD concentration.

The blended product is

then sent to a third party 

lab to confirm the olive

oil contains the correct concentration of CBD.

The hemp extract is shipped to

Chicago, IL where it's lightly

heated and blended with a

short list of other ingredients.

We package, inspect and seal each glass jar before it goes out for delivery or get shipped to customers and retailers all over the country.

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