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organic arnica,

st. johns wort & calendula

herbal olive oil 

+ lavender essential oil & vitamin e oil

whole plant infusion, extracted using the heat of the sun. lavender extracted using steam distillation, vitamin e oil extracted using vacuum distillation.


full spectrum hemp

extract in olive oil

derived from sungrown,

full-season hemp. processed using non-winterized ethanol & C02 for a clean terpene-rich extraction.

triple-tested for contaminants.

organic coconut oil

fair trade certified,

virgin, cold-pressed & unrefined

organic carnauba wax

derived from USA-grown,

non-endangered Brazilian palm trees. the leaves of the trees are

pruned once a year to preserve the natural growth cycle. the wax is extracted using mechanical separation, no chemicals are used.

organic olive oil

cold-pressed. sourced from the 

mediterranean region.

Most topical products on the market today are made using beeswax.

Bees are an endangered species so we thought it best to not add any stress to the supply chain and leave the beekeepers to do their job of protecting the bees.


Organic beeswax is nearly impossible to come by. 
Bees can travel up to five miles (3,200 acres) in search of food making it very difficult for farmers to guarantee such a large area is completely organic.

Sadly a lot of the beeswax that is marketed as "organic" is truly not.  


We've opted to instead use Carnauba: a vegan wax derived from

the non-endangered Brazilian palm tree. The leaves of these

trees are pruned once a year to preserve their natural

growth cycle and ensure a sustainable harvest.

Here are some other ingredients you can expect to find in our original formulas; no more, no less.

organic bay laurel

Laurus nobilis, a plant with rich mythical roots. Bay laurel contains parthenolides which are helpful in relieving arthritis and headaches. Bay has also long been considered to bring good luck and protection. 


white willow bark

Also know as Salix alba, this plant has been used for centuries by cultures around the world to help relieve pain. The active ingredient in aspirin is derived from this special bark.

Why do we use organic ingredients?

Simply put, we care about your health.

We care about the health of our employees and the health of our planet.


Organic farming is not some new trend, it's the original trend. Civilizations all over the world have been farming organically since the beginning of time. Only in the last 100 has there been an unfortunate domino effect of missteps that has led to the use of fertilizers, pesticides and genetically modified crops in order to support an agricultural system which at one time completely sustained itself without the use of any of these things. 

We wholeheartedly believe there is no place for the use of harmful

chemical pesticides and fertilizers on the plants we put in/on our bodies. 

Our products were created to help, not hurt. 

We have made it our mission to source only the cleanest,

organic ingredients including our usa-grown hemp.

We pride ourselves on the quality of the hemp cbd extract we use in our products

because we know how vital clean hemp is for one's health.


Hemp is a known bioaccumulator which means it uptakes contaminants in the soil in which it grows at a higher rate than it can get rid of them. If hemp is grown

in soil contaminated with pesticides and heavy metals, the end

hemp cbd extract will contain those harmful substances. 


We've worked tirelessly on sourcing/vetting hemp growers before we landed on our current partnership. Our hemp is triple tested for pesticides, heavy metals, moisture and mold to ensure none of these harmful contaminants are present in our finished products. We've made the lab results for each batch of hemp available to our customers by simply scanning the QR code on their product label. 

We believe transparency in production practices and ingredient sourcing is the unalienable right of the consumer. We're constantly looking for new ways to empower our customers with the knowledge on how, where and by who their products were made.  

All of our products begin with three simple ingredients: 

ORGANIC, VEGAN, SUSTAINABLY-SOURCED,  ingredients, nothing less.


peppermint & lavender

essential oil

Steam distilled, whole plant oil.


peppermint & lavender

essential oil

Steam distilled, whole plant oil.

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